An overview of possible internships by ex-Subliem members 

SBI students end their bachelor with an internship project. Within this period, they work at an innovative company by their own choice. At that company, they do research and end with their final thesis.



It is a long time ago that I studied SBI, but you can still find me regularly at Subliem. Now, I’m an IT consultant at Atos, where I focus on the sustainability of IT. It is here where I profit from the free thinking Subliem provides for their members, where nothing is too crazy. The internship with which I’ve finished my study was at the SpinAwards in a young talent program for Digital Transformation. My research was about what is the X-factor of young talent which could help companies with their digital tranformation. The result is free thinking (not being stuck to a companies grid). The art for us as young talent is to not form to others, there are enough of them!

Tom IJsselmuiden

Bsc Science, Business & Innovation

At my internship by KLM Engineering & Maintenance, I’ve worked in a technical environment with people from all sorts of backgrounds. It is here that the knowlegde of both science and business I’ve been provided at SBI came to use. Through this broad knowlegde, you are the link between technology / science and management. My research was about implementing sustainability into the groundoperation of KLM. There is much attention for this topic within SBI. By example, you learn about sustainable energy and chemistry, but also sustainable entrepreneuring. All this knowledge has been very useful for my during my internship at KLM.

Anouk de Reeder

Bsc Science, Business & Innovation

The finishing course of the bachelor SBI is the bachelor thesis with an internship. I’ve found it very comforting to leave behind all the study books and to see everything in practice. It is only when you start working, you see how much you’ve learned in the years before. It gives you an idea of what is possible and what you want to do after your study. I’ve done my internship at a start-up which focused on implementing AI into healthcare. It was hard work, but I’ve learned a lot.

Ruben Clerc

Bsc Science, Business & Innovation