Entrepreneurship runs in the blood of Subliem. The characteristic of entrepreneurship does not come out of the blue, of course. Many successful companies have already emerged in the relatively short existence of Subliem. These companies range from innovative tech startups, consultants and even a number of clothing lines. This shows that our members are at home in all markets and are seizing their opportunities. Entrepreneurship is also stimulated by Subliem through the ConnecCie, where our members go through a constructive process with the aim of starting their own business.

Roadmap entrepreneurship

Step 1

Developing an idea

Step 2

BMC & Pitch

Step 3

Making it tangible

Step 4


Step 5

Feedback & Innovating

Incubators & Accelerators in Amsterdam

Take your business to the next level by connecting with an accelerator or incubator. They can provide everything start-ups and scale-ups need to grow, including access to experienced mentors, potential sources of funding, and a supportive community.

Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh

Vuetnam, B&E, Marveltest

SBI has been incredibly important to me as an entrepreneur. As a board member of the study association, we had a broad and daring vision of what students should learn and I also learned a lot about the real business world. SBI is an academic study with a strong pragmatic side. I could immediately apply much of it in my companies. As an SBI graduate you develop a broad perspective and that breadth of scope makes you unique in a business world with specialists.

Rorik de Boer

Rorik de Boer

B&E, R&M Blockchain Company

Although it seemed a long way off at the start of my first year of studies, I soon found out that I wanted to start my own company. Subliem, with all its enthusiastic members, turned out to be the perfect incubator for my ideas. In the meantime, a few years later my company is running smoothly and I try to support other starting students.

Mikel Palokaj

Mikel Palokaj

R&M Blockchain Company, AcaBoo

From an early age I have always been an entrepreneurial type; from selling candy in the schoolyard to a Beerpong company to an Italian delicacy import company. Just try, go by your gut and see what happens was my motto. During SBI I learned to look at entrepreneurship and innovation as a science, just like exact science: theory & a structured approach! For me, this toolkit enables future successes.