This enthusiastic committee organises the legendary first-years weekend. In this weekend, all new students get to know each other and Subliem. During the weekend, there will be sportive events and “gezelligheden”.  

Introducton Committee

De IntroCie bestaat uit

Unfortunatly, there is not that much we can say about the introduction weekend. Everything that takes place here, you’ll have to experience for yourself. We can assure you that it will be unforgetable and you’ll make friendships for live.

Lodewijk Onstein (bestuursverantwoordelijke)
Iris Feije (bestuursverantwoordelijke)
Charlie Aardewijn (voorzitter)
Lex Verhoeff (penningmeester)
Cecile Vrijburg (secretaris)
Jari Schrier
Guusje van der Vossen
Rorik de Boer
Tom Dorrestein